A European Genebank Integrated System, or AEGIS for short, aims to establish a European Collection, which would be a virtual European Genebank, to be maintained in accordance with agreed quality standards, and to be freely available in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture...

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Italy joined AEGIS

as of 3 March 2014. Currently 34 countries are members of AEGIS. For more info see: AEGIS Membership


ECPGR hosted by Bioversity International for its entire Phase IX (2014-2018) 
The ECPGR Steering Committee agreed that the ECPGR Secretariat will continue to be hosted by Bioversity International at its headquarters in Maccarese (Rome), Italy , during the entire Phase IX of ECPGR (2014-2018).

European Collection
The ECPGR Steering Committee has endorsed two important documents:


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